Marital success/failure may be genetic… huh?

genesHow is this possible, you might say? How could relationship satisfaction be related to the genes one inherits from their father and mother? Well, there is certainly evidence from research studies dating back over the past 25 years suggesting there is such a relationship, according to a cover story article published in the February edition of the APS observer (Sleek, 2014). Much of this comes from studies of twins and from genetic analysis research where scientists attempt to relate behavioral dispositions such as monogamy and emotional sensitivity to genetic factors. Note that marital stability/satisfaction is certainly related to these and other dispositions/traits that people possess. The presumption here is that expressed genes affect, in conjunction with environmental factors, the personality traits and behavioral dispositions that greatly increase the likelihood of relationship satisfaction and marital stability.

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Genetically Ever After – Association for Psychological Science.

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