An Amazing Musician and Artist! Goodbye, Prince.

I’ll never forget this guy’s music.  1999, Controversy, Purple, etc.  What an influential figure he was – defying conventions, rules, and efforts to conform.  He set an incredible example – as a number of other musicians have – stretching boundaries.  An extraordinarily talented and creative person.  Goodbye, Prince!  We will miss you.

Here is a link to a New York Times article announcing his untimely death.

An Interesting photo-essay about life in the (supposed) coldest inhabited community on earth.

With an average winter temperature of -58° F, I’d say this is a pretty cold place.  Apparently, one has to cover almost every bit of exposed skin at that temperature to avoid frostbite!  Additionally, the essay states that people must use outhouses as pipes cannot be buried in the permafrost.  It’s amazing how people adapt to a particular environment.  The way one would live growing up in, say, Florida (without air conditioning – back in the old days) versus a community in Siberia, like the one described in the essay, is quite fascinating.