In Praise of ADHD?

This is a very interesting article alluding to how “we” view ADHD. I am certainly no expert on what most of us purport to be a disorder. I think this article begins to question the legitimacy of this idea. Should we view ADHD as a as a trait, something that does not need to be “treated”, or should we stick with the modus operandi? We don’t “treat” extroversion, introversion, conscientiousness, or neuroticism (see 5 factor model of personality). Well, we might if these traits are exhibited in the extreme, leading to dysfunction. That said, is ADHD dysfunctional? Might it be the environment that is actually dysfunctional, leading us to diagnose someone who is unable to fit into the mold of this dysfunctional environment? Something to seriously consider. Anyway, here’s the New York Times article:

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