A Nice bit of Investigative Journalism by these High School Students

A newly hired principal resigns after student journalists on the high school newspaper dug deeper into her resume’. Apparently, her doctoral degree was granted from a so-called “degree factory” named Corllins University. I’ve just done an internet search on “Corllins” and found a university website. The URL is “corluni.org” although the name in the header section of the website is “Corllins University”. Kudos to the students for uncovering this. This story was originally posted in the Washington Post.

Student journalists at Pittsburg High School in Kansas

No One Is Looking at This Headline

Well, someone must be (looking at the headline). It is presently the most emailed article from the New York Times.

I’ve always been somewhat fascinated by bodybuilding. This article gives a little insight into the life of someone who does this professionally. I especially liked the fourth from the final paragraph. Enjoy!

You’re looking at Phil Heath, the six-time Mr. Olympia, who eats a lot of tilapia and works out in a strip-mall gym.

Source: No One Is Looking at This Headline

The Relationship Between Childhood Abuse and Brain Development

This is an excellent review, recently published in Nature Reviews Neuroscience, of the effects of childhood maltreatment brain development. The article outlines a number of developmental pathways and systems in the brain that subserve different psychological functions to include sensation, threat detection/response, reward, Intelligence, and psychopathology.

Source: The effects of childhood maltreatment on brain structure, function and connectivity : Nature Reviews Neuroscience : Nature Research