No One Is Looking at This Headline

Well, someone must be (looking at the headline). It is presently the most emailed article from the New York Times.

I’ve always been somewhat fascinated by bodybuilding. This article gives a little insight into the life of someone who does this professionally. I especially liked the fourth from the final paragraph. Enjoy!

You’re looking at Phil Heath, the six-time Mr. Olympia, who eats a lot of tilapia and works out in a strip-mall gym.

Source: No One Is Looking at This Headline

Showing Gratitude… (even when you don’t feel like it)

What a nice article (IMHO). My co- workers always give me a raised eyebrow when, in the morning, they ask “How are you doing?”. I almost always respond with a cherished saying I learned from my father – “If I was doing any better I couldn’t stand it.”. Sounds like sarcasm? Hmmm… maybe not – especially when said with smile on face and kick in step. Happy reading 🙂

Why Social Networks Like Facebook Fail | World of Psychology

This is an excellent article.  I suspect that the drop in teen users, and probably young adults (I have not data to support this), is due to their inherent high novelty-seeking behavior compared to middle aged and senior adults.  They’ve just become bored with Facebook and there are other, newer, alternatives out there.  The article mentions some of these alternatives. Why Social Networks Like Facebook Fail | World of Psychology.