The science behind why people fear refugees – Vox

There’s been a lot of news recently about refugees – especially those from Syria. Why do we fear these people? Why do we fear people who we believe, are that different from ourselves? Are they really that different? This quite well-written article gives some insight into some of these reasons and, especially, some tactics that might be used to change our minds and feelings about those we believe are not like us. It is generously cited – something that especially appeals to me as it backs up the statements made by the author. I especially liked the passage about a study where Israeli researchers used a technique called “cognitive reappraisal” to reduce the induced negative emotions in their subjects (who were Israeli) towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This technique resulted in the participants being more open to policies that promote peace building, inclusion, and resolution as opposed to conflict and aggression. Maybe we should teach this technique to schoolchildren. Happy reading 🙂

You can’t fight anti-Syrian-refugee bias with statistics.

Source: The science behind why people fear refugees – Vox

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